OVAS-T1 GVM/OpenVAS Administration

Duration: 1 Day | Price Inhouse (without VAT): 600 € | Price Public (without VAT): 499 €

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Modern IT infrastructures often have a large number of weak points that an attacker can exploit. In order to To protect infrastructures, those responsible must know, evaluate and close these vulnerabilities. The OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner supports you in this task.

In this course, you will learn how to use GVM (former OpenVAS) in your vulnerability management and how to target your Scan, test and evaluate infrastructures (networks, systems and applications). The focus of these activities is on Training on the commissioning, operation and execution of ad hoc and planned scans and evaluation; and Classification of the results. These scans are stored both over the network and as an authenticated scan directly on the Target system complete.

This class is based on GVM-10.

Prerequisites: You have experience with the administration of IT systems.

Target group: You are responsible for the security of the IT infrastructures in your authority/company.



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