Automation of system configuration with Puppet & Co.

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02.03.2020 – 04.03.2020
02.11.2020 – 04.11.2020


The demands placed on IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. The most diverse requirements on the system and Application configurations often leave very different configuration statuses on systems that are actually should be on the same level. The consequences of this can be very varied: Services stop their work, Data loss has occurred, implemented security functions do not function as desired …

In addition, the manual maintenance of the system and application configuration also makes later adjustments more difficult. A The solution to these and other problems is a central configuration management system such as Puppet. Puppet implements central automation concepts, which are helpful in everyday administration. stand. Particularly in the case of regularly repeated configuration adjustments, the use of the Configuration Automation Software. This includes, for example, in addition to the package installation, the exchange of keys for authentication, including adjustments to the DNS configuration and the creation of new E-mail mailboxes.

Puppet allows that the necessary adjustments are no longer made manually on the respective systems but on a central configuration server. This offers a wide range of advantages. Thus later adaptations can be automatically transferred to all connected systems. It is also possible to transfer the First test the effects of the configuration change. In addition, the use of Puppet ensures that the Possibility to get a central overview of the current configuration at any time. Systems can also be the use of Puppet can be inventoried automatically.

It doesn’t matter whether the configuration is for just a few and a few or for hundreds or even thousands of Systems apply. The configuration is only adjusted on the central puppet system. The use of Puppet is also recommended for those administrators who are also active as software developers - so-called DevOps and repeatedly require systems or networks with a predefined state.

Puppet is even available for various operating systems - however, the development is not possible for the unixoiden OS at the the most advanced. A general support also for Mac OS X and the Microsoft Windows products is available.

Our course provides you with the necessary skills for planning, initial installation and administration of a Configuration management system using Puppet. As you are used to from our other courses, our courses always consist of a view to the left and to the right beyond the main topic.

The main objective of this course is to understand the functioning of Puppet, to gain practical experience with the to collect the most important functions and a basic understanding of the complexity of a central configuration management system. to acquire.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of the administration of a Linux system (course)


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