Storage Solutions

Duration: 2 Days | Price Inhouse (without VAT): 3.990 € | Price Public (without VAT): 900 €

Scheduled Events

08.04.2020 – 09.04.2020
21.09.2020 – 22.09.2020


Linux has been in the data center for a long time. Here, mostly expensive storage solutions based on Fibre Channel is used. Linux can also implement and offer such storage solutions at a reasonable price. These must are not hiding behind commercial solutions with the right infrastructure. For example, the use of 10GBit technology can be transported over ISCSI at up to 550 MByte/s. This course shows you how to use ISCSI, ATA-over-Ethernet and the GFS and OCFS2 cluster file systems.

Prerequisites: Experience in the administration of a Linux system.



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