Data Privacy Guidelines

May 2018

1. Data Protection Notice of OpenSource Security GmbH (OS-S)

OS-S welcomes you on our Internet web pages. Data protection and data security have the highest priority for OS-S. The protection of your personal data is our main goal.

2. Visiting our web presence

Whenever you visit our web sites, the ip address of the client, the request and the response code are temporarily logged during the visit and deleted immediately afterwards. Futher personal data like your name, address, phonenumber or e-amil are only logged if voluntarily provided by you, i.e. to sign up for specific services like a training class. These guidelines specify which information is stored and when and how these informations are used. These guidelines do tnot refert to web pages of other companies which might link to our page or partners we link to.

3. OS-S e-Mail Newsletter

If you signed up for our newsletter, we will use and process your personal data (name, email address) as needed to provide you the newsletter service. If you sign up for the newsletter we might further use your email address for our own advertising purposes until you cancel your subscription. Cancellation is always possible using our customer service.

4. Use of Cookies

Most of the used cookies are removed at the end of the browser session. These session cookies are required to implement a shopping cart similar function. Additionally we use cookies which are stored for longer periods on your harddisk. Thus we may recognize you on further visits and may remember some settings. These cookies might be stored on your harddisk for up to 10 years and are used to provide a user-friendly, effective and secure user experience. Based on these cookies you might be offered custom tailored information on our website. We might include external advertisements provided by external companies. These companies might use cookies on their own. The cookies might expire differently and only contain personal data if you provided the information on the respective web page. You can configure the support and usage of cookies using the appropiate configuration of your browser. You could accept or deny the usage of cookies generally or for each cookie individually. Some services of OS-S might require the support of cookies in the browser.

4.2 Third-Party-Cookies

OS-S might use and include content of partners. This content might require additional cookies of these partners. Therefore such cookies might be stored on youre harddisk as well, when visiting our web page. These cookies might be temporary or permanent cookies with an expiration of 14 days up to 10 years.

5. Login Data

If you use login facilities on our webpage both the timestamp and the username are logged and may be used for identification purposes.

6. Use of the email address (§7 Abs.3 UWG)

OS-S may use your email address to send contracts, invitation, invoices and cancellations.

7. Vertragsdaten

Personal data entered at the conclusion of contracts and collected during the contract term as well as voluntarily given information is process and used as needed for the complete performance of the contract. This includes the title, last name, first name, address, birthdate, phonenumber and/or email address, billing terms, etc depending on the provides services. In case of Opt-In we might use this data as well for general consultancy, advertisments and customer research. Of course, you may cancel this Opt-In anytime. Transfer of this data to third parties only happens if you first agreed, if explicitly allowed or if required by law.

Usually your personal data is deleted at the end of the calendar year following the contract termination. Only if you explicitly allowed the continous processing and storage or if required by law the data is further stored.

8. Voluntary Statements

Data, which is optional, is appropiately labeled. Such optional data provided voluntarily by you is only used as consented by you. Such data is automatically deleted at the same time all contract data is deleted. If you cancel your consent such data is immediately deleted.

9. Your right of information

According to the law you have the right to information of your stored personal data free of charge. Furthermore you have the right of correction, deletion and locking of your data. The conformance is monitored by the Bundesbeauftragten für den Datenschutz and the Bundesnetzagentur.

10. Your contact person

If you do have questions concerning the personal data protection at OS-S please contact our customer service at